The 5 Worlds of Grandmother Earth

19 Mai

The 5 Worlds of Grandmother Earth

Here the PDF of the medicine wheel as a map to navigate: 003 The 5 worlds of the grandmother Earth 

A shamanic journey through the 5 kingdoms of Mother Earth.

UnbenanntMother Earth has given birth to five children in her evolutionary process. It is their five worlds that are a holographic expression of themselves. It is the five kingdoms that have lost their crowns through their descent into the dark plains. It is the soul’s mission of every human being to crown themselves with the Shadow Transformation work itself and the human world. Reopening the Crown Chakra so that the Light given to God floods and enlightens all the realms of Mother Earth again.

So I am pleased to take you as a child of Mother Earth once again on the journey through their worlds, which are all parts of our human being. We are the mother. She experiences herself through us, through you and me. Many times we have come here in Carne (incarnation) and gone to experience all the worlds through them. Inseparable we are connected with her. Every day she nourishes and carries us, so that we can experience our insights on and with her. Each empire has its own energy choreography, which is crucial for navigation, energy movement and their purpose.

The journey begins in the west, the kingdom of minerals. This realm corresponds to our 2nd chakra, the mineral wheel

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