The 5 Worlds of Grandmother Earth

Here the PDF of the medicine wheel as a map to navigate: 003 The 5 worlds of the grandmother Earth 

A shamanic journey through the 5 kingdoms of Mother Earth.

UnbenanntMother Earth has given birth to five children in her evolutionary process. It is their five worlds that are a holographic expression of themselves. It is the five kingdoms that have lost their crowns through their descent into the dark plains. It is the soul’s mission of every human being to crown themselves with the Shadow Transformation work itself and the human world. Reopening the Crown Chakra so that the Light given to God floods and enlightens all the realms of Mother Earth again.

So I am pleased to take you as a child of Mother Earth once again on the journey through their worlds, which are all parts of our human being. We are the mother. She experiences herself through us, through you and me. Many times we have come here in Carne (incarnation) and gone to experience all the worlds through them. Inseparable we are connected with her. Every day she nourishes and carries us, so that we can experience our insights on and with her. Each empire has its own energy choreography, which is crucial for navigation, energy movement and their purpose.

The journey begins in the west, the kingdom of minerals. This realm corresponds to our 2nd chakra, the mineral wheel. It is the substantial owner world that, like a battery, stores and holds all the energies in it. The minerals are the bones of Mother Earth, which gives her the stability and the substance. They are also our bones that contain our DNA records in the bone marrow. So it is said that even in a grain of sand the whole universe is contained. Same micro – macro cosmos.

  1. Access to the mineral world is found in the south. Here it is the sand that has been ground to the finest particles by the water and creates the humus as the basis for life. The South is in the Energy Choreography Giver – Holder.
  2. In the West, it is the rocks, mountains and stones that, in their energy choreography as a double holder, allow the stability and strength of the earth. They also store the heat of Grandfather Sun and also the fire for the Sweat-Lodge stones.
  3. In the north are the precious and semiprecious stones, which are in their energy choreography receiver-holders. As bearers of the colors, they are worked on by artists, blacksmiths and magicians, in order to „maintain“ a very special meaning depending on the culture and intended use. Their colors are reminiscent of the flowers and are widely used as healing stones.
  4. In the East we encounter the manifold crystals. They form the memory and heart of the grandmother Earth and are in their energy choreography determiner – holder. As silicon (quartz) they act as memory and heart in every computer. As healing crystals they take over the fire energy and can thus clarify and transform diseases.

In the center of the world of minerals, we encounter the world of metals. They take over the energy choreography as catalysts – holders. They are, so to speak, the nervous system as connections in the minerals world. The variety of metals helps the minerals world to all the wonderful colors.

  1. In the south we encounter the copper that is used in our world as an energy ladder. His energy choreography is catalyzing – giving – holding.
  2. In the West, the energy is cheating of iron or steel catalyzing – holding – holding. So a double holder function for power, stability and strength.
  3. Silver is the metal of the north. The energy choreography is that catalyzing – receiving – holding. All gemstones are associated with the silver, which can be traced in the wealth and abundance of jewelery making.
  4. The energy choreography of the East is catalytic – determinative – holding. It is the coveted gold that should determine and secure values ​​as the basis of money. Should – but this is no longer the case for a long time, so that the money is degenerated into a worthless paper. This will soon be revealed through the manifestation of the truth.
  5. In the center we encounter the bronze and the brass. They form in energy choreography the dual catalyst of holder energy. These metals contain the sound that summon the sheep together in the bells of the churches, or in the singing bowl, which produces salutary vibration that penetrates into our bone cavities. Forged versions in bronze give the minerals and crystals the necessary, catalytic hold.

The journey continues south to the Kingdom of Plants. This realm corresponds to our third chakra, the plant wheel. It is associated with the water that feeds all life. The energy choreography is giving and states that emotions always flow, must be giving and must never be held. The gift of plants is to give away their essence of being. They give food and warmth (fire), protection from wind and weather, beauty and inspiration and – most importantly – through photosynthesis they give us oxygen that we breathe, as our breath of life. Plants teach unconditional giving.

  1. We find in the south giving – giving in the energy choreography. It is the grasses or the „hair“ of Mother Earth that they „clothe“. They are the food source for many animals and us humans. The wind blowing through a cornfield or tall grass reminds us of the waves of the water.
  2. In the West we encounter the herbs, fruits, bushes, roots and shrubs. Her energy choreography is holding – giving. A variety of spices enriches the taste of our food. Many herbs and plants are wholesome and cleansing and make every Kundigen a herbal witch or shaman.
  3. In the north, it is the flowers that spread their wonderful scents with the wind in all directions. Her energy choreography is receiving – giving. They create the enormous variety of color palettes that make the beauty of Mother Earth unique. They are energy barometers and reflect the environment.
  4. In the East we encounter the „upright nation“ of the trees. They are in their energy choreography determiners – donors. The aura of a tree comes closest to man’s aura. They are great healers and help us humans to determine our emotions, what we humans can not do ourselves. Therefore the weekly tree ceremony to keep our energy body clean.
  5. In the center, the energy is choreography catalyzing – giving. Here live the teacher plants. They are used in a ceremonial setting to gain access to the different worlds and dimensions. They are natural hallucinogenic plants that, alchemically mixed together and taken in the right ceremonial manner, lead to the transformation of consciousness, which catalytically catalyzes our spiritual awareness, d. H. accelerating acts. They have the ability to lead us to inner reins of knowledge and teach us to understand, to broaden and deepen our understanding of the life and purpose and purpose to which we attribute them.

Today we recognize that the healthier and mind-expanding a plant is, the faster it gets onto the list of prohibited plants. Thus, in the center of the wheel, marijuana and tobacco in their energy choreography act as double catalysts of the donor world of plants and harbor a tremendous spectrum of possibilities for their salutary use. Marijuana are two women, namely Maria and Johanna as spirit energy of the plant. It does not create physical dependence, but you can love it and use it for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the tobacco has unfortunately lost the real meaning in our world and became an addiction for many. The shamanic smoke spiritualizes matter and transforms and connects the lower with the upper world.

In the north we meet the kingdom of animals. It is the place of our 4th chakra, the heart, the animal wheel. The energy choreography is here receiving. In the tradition of twisted hair, the animals are referred to as the „sweet medicine“ sweet medicine. So every animal carries a „medicine“ in its essence. To be in harmony with them is a salutary gift for us. Above all, they teach us to be who we are. Animals are great allies and teachers and are masters of multidimensionality and fusion. They move through the dimensions and support us in this intention.

  1. In the south we meet the swimmers. Your energy choreography is giving – receiving. They live in the water and therefore communicate with our emotions. It’s the dolphins, whales, sharks, salmon, and countless other creatures in the water that willingly share their old accumulated knowledge with us.
  2. In the west we find the creepers. In their energy choreography they are double holder – receiver. They touch mother earth with their bellies and are very familiar with the grandmother. It’s the snakes, lizards, turtles, worms, and many more that teach us how to create a harmonious relationship with the mother. They remind us of the wisdom of grandmother Earth.
  3. Arrived in the north we meet the four-legged friends. Her energy choreography is the double receiving. There are the deer, bears, lions, wolves, horses, rhinos, cats and many more who are traveling with the wind. They are the teachers of balance and flexibility.
  4. On the Place of Fire in the East we meet the winged. Her energy choreography is determinative – receiving. They communicate with our spirit fire. Thus, the eagle is referred to as the „Great Spirit Ambassador“ and carries our prayers and dispositions into the spirit world and brings messages back to us. The hawk as a messenger of the gods establishes the connection to our soul in the light, our higher self. It is the birds of prey and songbirds that enliven the sky with its apparitions.
  5. In the center we find the mythological animals (and bipeds). Her energy choreography is catalyzing – receiving. It is the animals from the fairy tales, legends, ancient traditions and legends. The unicorns, the dragons, the centaur, the sphinx, the phoenix, the pegasus, garuda and many more.

They are the teachers of our heart space, as connectors to keep all worlds pure and immaculate, so that we can receive what their medicine holds for us. They are wonderful, pure mirrors in our everyday life, which bring us reflection and affirmation on our way with heart.

We leave the North and enter the kingdom of man. It corresponds to our 5th chakra, the human wheel in the larynx. Here it is our job to be the best in the energy choreography. Not having it on your own creates the attraction that someone else has over me. That is why so many slaves are on this earth, leaving the foreign Determination.

In the wheel of the 5 worlds of Mother Earth, humans are the only ones who have the orgasm energy to determine themselves. If we refrain from self-determination here, parasitic interference with our sexual fire also develops, which can inflict grave injuries on the child’s fire. Unfortunately, this abuse can not be easily pushed aside. The truth is that it is omnipresent in us human beings, both small and large. This extremely important healing of the inner fire, we have in self-responsibility, each for themselves, to strive for and complete!

The journey continues into the Eastwheel of the human world.

  1. In the south we encounter the Red Race. Her energy choreography is giving – determining. They teach us to be in harmony with our heart, the flow of emotion. To be one with all forms of life in the heart to sustain and nourish our heart connection to all that is. Happiness is her message.
  2. In the West we meet the Race of blacks. They are choreographed in their energy – determining. They teach us to feel the inner rhythm and to create physical mastery in strength and strength as perseverance in life. They are the ones who have direct access to body knowledge. Health is her gift.
  3. The north is occupied by the White Race. Her energy choreography is receptive – determinative. They teach the right use of reason and technology that makes daily routine work easier, which drives the development of human civilization. Your gift is the humor.
  4. The Yellow Race sits in the east. They are double determiners in their energy choreography. They teach us spirituality, the consciousness of the heart fire and the light to live in love with all that is. They are the embodiments of hope.
  5. In the center are the catalysts of the determiner energy, the rainbow people. They have come together here to experience and celebrate the knowledge of Oneness. It is the Metis who teach us to be harmony and to learn to learn from all 9 directions of the wheel, regardless of color and religion.

The 5 qualities of being human correspond in shamanism to the 5 Huaquas. They include: Happiness, Health, Humor, Hope and Harmony.

As humans, we are on the apprentice’s path to become conscious determinants of our magical gifts. Disposing and determining energy equals a magical act. Here we are challenged by our I AM TO liberate Mother Earth from her parasites, which means that the journey to it always begins and ends within us.

The journey continues and so we enter the center of the circle. It corresponds to the wheel hub, the void, which is choreography catalyst in their energy. This is where the acceleration takes place, which is taken over by the ancestral spirit realm. This corresponds to our sixth chakra, the ancestor wheel, the third eye.

The 1st chakra, the sun wheel, is not included in the worlds of Mother Earth. It is our Father Sun energy that we brought to earth. It is our responsibility to guide this fire of light from the 1st chakra up to the 7th chakra, the dream wheel. Our ancestors, the Ascended Masters as Guardians of the Center, remind us of it.

  1. We enter the center wheel in the south, the place of the Tollilaqui, which are known as small or old people. They are the elemental Spirits who, according to legend, came to Earth as the „First People“. There are dark and light ones of them. Her energy choreography is giving – catalyzing. They are the water beings, the mermaids, etc. – they are the earthlings, the dwarfs, trolls, goblins and gnomes – they are the wind creatures, the tree spirits, sulfides and elves, and they are the fires or fire spirits. They teach us love and respect for the earthly beings and a YES to the physical earth. Her special gift is happiness and her humor. They show us the rogue in nature and make us laugh. They are also called the little sloth ears.
  2. The journey continues west to Toushelahey. Your energy choreography is hold – catalyze. They are my spirit personalities from past and future lives, including that incarnation that I am now. They teach us that love is more than just our physical self and more than self-love. Here we connect with all the resources of our incarnations in all periods and time-shifts that we have experienced as souls here on Mother Earth. This is how we recognize ourselves as ancestors.
  3. In the north, we find the seat of the Tunkashilahs who are our soulmates. Her energy choreography is receiving-catalyzing. They are our blood relatives, father, mother, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles from all lives. They teach us to see ourselves in the mirror of self-reflection.
  4. On the place of fire in the east sit the Omitakoyashin. They represent all of our awakened selves and the whole family of humanity. Your energy choreography is the determining factor – catalyzing. It is all human beings in all dimensions and times, on all planets – incarnates and non-incarnates. They teach us to share knowledge in the spiritual circle.
  5. The journey ends and starts in the center of the center at the Akalotaheys. Her energy choreography is the twin catalyst. It is the Ascended Masters, the enlightened ancestors, the avatars and bridge builders into the light. They teach us the unconditional love for all beings and ALL THAT IS. They are now formless, and once, in their physical form as human beings, attained perfect enlightenment. They teach and reflect us to do the same – in HERE AND NOW!

Mother Earth thanks you and is very happy to reintroduce human children into their secrets. It is up to each and every one of us to delete the old contracts that have hitherto prevented this. As determiners of energy, we humans are the gold, the wealth of this earth. The „bankers“, as gray men, have always known that.

We do not ask or beg for something we have already received from our Creator God. His gifts to us, who make us equal to Him, have been given to us by Him, so that we have them. So I am the way, the truth and the life. Who else should this be? No one goes my own way and nobody lives the truth for me!

I determine from my divine I AM THAT I AM: that all five worlds of Mother Earth are freed from all parasites, all slaves and warmongers and all slave companies at this NOW moment of eternity and smash and loose all imposed restrictions become! It finds healing in ALL WHAT IS happening! THIS IS IT, has in the name of I AM.

May the mother of all mothers turn into the light, with all their kingdoms and their ALL BELOVED CHILDREN – so the children, who have not found and acknowledged the light in their hearts, will leave the Mother Planet, the Earth, NOW! THIS IS HOW IT IS AND THIS IS IT!


Changes the World – CHU-TA-DE-EEHAY TOE MAH


With deep gratitude I take over from my shamanic teacher Swift Deer the closing words that he spoke at the Red Lodge 1994:

„Teach each other, share with each other, support each other, but most importantly, love each other! That is your responsibility! Our biggest weapon is beauty. We have to win the inner war first. To participate in solving external problems, we need medicine, justice and healing for our inner child. We need sweet medicine. – We are here to gain enlightenment, to reach for the sun, to learn, to gain knowledge and joy“.



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