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Feb 24, 2013

First post

Next stop, Chile? I should start writing a blog post a day, being more product and creating something awsome.

This is now my first post on

Feb 24, 2013

The cost of clutter

The messy apartment, a classy scene in a everyday student room. I don’t joke around when I tell you that at least 10% of my 25 sq. m apartment is clutter. With a expensive apartment (cost 3800 SEK per month) this isn’t a sustainable position. 380 SEK per month does this clutter alone cost me, this is equal to 19! beers at the local student pub.

What to do:

  • Throw away
  • Give away
  • Sell away

If the clutter is worth more than the cost of the clutter (for me 380 SEK), then sell it. If the clutter is worth less than the cost of the clutter, then give it away or throw it away.

It’s that simple… now I’m going to clean up my own clutter and save my self 19 beers a month.

Feb 24, 2013

The power of networking

Building a network from ground up is a hard thing. The toughest thing about it is having the courage to meet new people But.once a person has opened herself it's not that difficult to close and keep up a good contact.

Always Be Closing, because you never now will you'll need them.

One people in your network doesn't make a network, and certainly won't make you a successful connector. To reach this higher status you must remember a golden rule, to give something back to the network. This could be connecting two great people, but also helping someone changing the rooftop of their villa.

By helping others, others will help you.

Once you've built an extraordinary network will there be other people helping you and start introduce you to new people. Your network will start to grow a little on it's own. Biggest thing to notice in this point is that everyone start from the bottom but they can always reach higher than you.

Treat everyone in the same nice way, because they can reach a higher level than you.

Go out, start build a great network and remember that everyone has something interesting to say.